Diversified Brands offers a variety of personal services directly to you, the consumer, including: eBay Drop Service ~ Estate Liquidations ~ Fundraising
Why Diversified Brands?

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • $5+ million in sales
  • Over 85,000 unique transactions
  • A certified jeweler-gemologist on staff
  • 3 state licensed auctioneers on staff
  • Large square foot warehouse with state of the art security
  • Can handle 1 items or tens of thousands, depending on your needs

    WE BUY!
    Diversified Brands buys items from businesses, small and large.
    Contact us to schedule a free consultation by phone 855 I SELL IT or by email



    Diversified Brands’ consignment service lets you work personally with us. Just bring the items you’d like to sell to our warehouse. We will research each item’s past selling history online and will estimate the item’s current market value. In some cases, we can even pick the item up from you at its current location.

    If your item is worth at least $50, we can sell it for you. Using our research and experience, we’ll recommend a selling strategy that will get you the highest possible price for each item. We’ll also work with you to capture all the important information about your items, so that we can include it in the online listing.

    Before you leave you will receive a printed receipt detailing each item you have left with us, along with the strategy we’ll use to sell it. And if it’s your first time to sell with us, we’ll be sure you understand the selling process and know exactly what to expect with our online auction service.

    What sells well online?

    An A.C. Nielsen survey found that the average U.S. household has 52 unused items around the house valued at $3,100. As the premier online auction service in Mississippi we can help you sell items in thousands of categories, from collectibles like jewelry, antiques, dolls, and housewares, to practical items like electronics, cameras, musical instruments, and business and industrial equipment.

    As our customers will tell you, Diversified Brands’ online auction service and our online selling experts and specialists really do make it safe, convenient and easy for anyone, regardless of experience, to sell online. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the action as it happens, and wait for your check.


    We do all the work. The auction service includes:

    • Additional research, if necessary, to know how to best represent and sell your item

    • Professional photography to visually showcase your item to its best advantage

    • Expert copy writing to maximize your item’s exposure, including determining the best category in which to list your item and the key words that are most likely to match a prospective buyer’s online search

    • Sending you an email when your listing goes “live” on eBay, with a link to it so you can watch the action

    • Answering questions from prospective buyers to ensure that they have the information they need to bid with confidence on your item

    • Protecting you against phony bidders and online scams

    • Collecting payment from the winning bidder or buyer

    • Careful packing and shipping of your item so that it arrives promptly and in good condition, minimizing returns

    • Resolving any post-sale customer service issues with the buyer



    Liquidating an estate can be a trying time, but Diversified Brands makes it easy. With more than 60,000 consignment items sold since 1999, Diversified Brands is one of the country’s largest and most experienced online sellers. Our credibility, experience, and reputation lets buyers purchase with confidence. Diversified Brands is bound by a strict code of conduct that includes extremely high standards of customer service and integrity.

    Whether you have 10 items or 10,000, we are equipped to handle it all.


    Why use Diversified Brands?

    1 – Maximize your dollar.
    By offering your products to the global marketplace, we can ensure that you receive the highest selling price for your items.

    2 – We’ll pick it up.
    We will handle the transportation of your items to our secure 27,000 square foot warehouse featuring state of the art audio and video surveillance.

    3 – Timely Results.
    Whether you have 10 items or 10,000, our highly experienced staff is equipped to quickly turn your entire estate into cash.


    Diversified Brands will:

  • Customize a selling strategy for you:
  • Diversified Brands will work with you to determine your needs and select the optimal online marketplace(s), pricing, and selling format to maximize your profits.

  • Create the internet listings:
  • We professionally photograph and write listings for your merchandise, and send you a link to each online sale so you can monitor its progress.

  • Handle all customer service:
  • We handle all customer inquiries and payment processing, as well as any customer returns.

  • Pack and ship your items:
  • After an item sells, we professionally handle all packing and shipping to ensure each item arrives safely at its destination.

    Protect your identity ~ Your identity is never disclosed.


    The Diversified Brands fundraising program offers a unique and easy way to raise funds year-round for your school, church, service group, or other non-profit organization.

  • You need not ask (again) for money.
  • According to a Nielsen survey, the average U.S. household has more than $3,100 in valuable items, just gathering dust. Diversified Auctions turns those unwanted items into cash. Your supporters benefit from less clutter at the home, and your organization gets the cash.

  • Raise funds from outside your organization.
  • Everyone, not just your usual donors, can benefit from clearing out unneeded items. Fundraising with Diversified Brands’ online consignment service lets you tap new sources of money from outside your organization, rather than just from within.

  • Higher Sales.
  • Because millions of people worldwide shop on eBay every day, items typically sell for much more than they would at community rummage sale or local silent auction.

  • More Proceeds.
  • Diversified Brands is dedicated to helping non-profits raise funds more efficiently. With our competitive fee structure, the seller/donor receives the proceeds from the sale of their items.

  • Less hassle.
  • Unlike most fundraising programs, with Diversified Brands there’s no money to handle, no orders to take, and no products to deliver. Your donors and supporters can call us at 855 I SELL IT to arrange for a pick-up in the Jackson, MS area. We take care of the rest.

  • Donor friendly.
  • A Diversified Brands fundraiser gives your supporters a chance to clean out their closets for a great cause. Plus, each donor receives a link to their auction, so they can track their item’s final sale value for their records. Donors can deduct 100% of the selling price of their items as a charitable donation for income tax purposes.